Are you over 40? Do you want to die of a stroke?


The formula for promoting a stroke has now been spelled out for us, but this is nothing new. If you really want a stroke you should:-


  1. Smoke heavily - the best way by far
  2. Drink alcohol to excess
  3. Eat unhealthy foods and get overweight risking diabeties
  4. Never check or consider your blood pressure
  5. Never exercise

These are the best ways to end up with a stroke with a good chance of dying prematurely. The Governent says that there has been a big increase in strokes for men and women in their forties.


In particular - smokers know, or ought to know that their habit is harmful to them. The evidence is overwhelming in that only 14% of those suffering from lung cancer were smokers. I have seen at first hand the devastation to lives caused by prolonged smoking. Firstly, through my first boss at work who coughed himself to death at the age of 71 and then both my mother and father and Uncle.


Later I noticed that asbestos disease and vibration white finger sufferers tended to be smokers. This does not mean that smoking alone was the cause but I did observe that there seemed to be a propensity of smokers who were sufferers.


An obvious feature of smokers is premature aging in the face with greater early wrinkles and breathing problems. The voice also tends to deepen and in some goes crackerly.


Bystander or passive smoking can also cause these problems and many will recall Roy Castle who died as a result of being regularly in smokey rooms as part of his job. It was a good move when smoking was banned in the workplace, but what about children regularly exposed to tobacco smoke in the home?


It is perhaps justice that Sir Walter Raleigh who introduced smoking to the Western world was executed. Millions are addicted to tobacco smoking as a result.


If smoking was introduced today, it would be banned tomorrow but there are too many addicts and vested interests at present.


If you smoke - please give up and take up a more healthy life style. You will be doing the NHS a favour by saving money for them and yourself, and not being one of their depressing statistics regarding smokers.