Asbestos Diseases, NIHL and HAVS

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Ken has given evidence in all kinds of courts and arbitrations and as a magistrate has sat with judges on appeals to the Crown Court.


He first gave evidence in the Quarter Sessions Court at Burnley before Rose Heilbroun (later Court of Appeal judge) in 1965 (before Crown Courts were named as such). 


Ken actually came across asbestos lagging in 1956 as an apprentice, when he was unaware of its dangers, therefore, he has been exposed to asbestos dust from a variety of sources. He has dealt with many hundreds of asbestos disease cases, many of whom were interviewed virtually on their deathbeds. He gave evidence in the Sienkiewicz case which went before the Supreme Court.


For over 50 years Ken has been involved with noise and vibration, initially in the design of attenuation for various types of plant and since 1989 has been involved with many cases of noise induced hearing loss and hand arm vibration syndrome.