Expert witness

Asbestosis - Mesothelioma, Diffuse Pleural Thickening and Lung Cancer (caused by  exposure to asbestos).


NIHL  (Deafness caused through exposure to noise)


HAVS (caused through operating vibrating tools/machines).



        Ken Taylor


Ken has been instructed as an expert witness in many personal injury cases since 1975 but in recent years only accepts asbestos, noise and hand arm vibration injury cases.


He served an indentured apprenticeship with a contractor and also studied both construction and engineering, becoming a Chartered Engineer (CEng) and later a European Engineer (Eur Ing). He became Chief Engineer with a large local authority.


He has attended High Courts, Crown Courts, County Courts and Magistrates' Courts and also Arbitrations to give evidence.


In 1968 he formed a Consulting practice and was involved in the design and supervision of many building services contracts from his offices in Manchester, Liverpool and Burnley.


Professional qualifications include Eur Ing, CEng, FCIBSE, FSOE, FIPlantE, FCIPHE, RP, FCMI, FRSA, MASHRAE (USA), MAE.


Justice of the Peace from 1983 to 2011 and Chairman in Adult, Youth, Family and Domestic Violence Courts.


Visiting lecturer from 1989 to 2009. Listed in Debrett's and Marquis Whos Who (USA) and Freeman City of London.


Chairman NW Region of CIBSE. Bronze Medal from CIBSE and Silver Medal from Institute of Hospital Engineers and Institute of Estate Management.


Author of text book 'A Guide for the Expert Witness', co-author of the Plant Engineers' Reference Book and its USA version, and many published technical papers (see professional background page for details).


Speaker on industrial diseases at Lawyers CPD conferences.



  • Turnaround time for providing reports is 5 months at present.


  • Before setting cases down for trial where Ken will be called to give oral evidence, please obtain an unavailability list to ensure that he will be available to attend court.